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Casa Nea, is a residential project in Guatemala City. The project consists of a series of 3 patios wrapped by the program. Two main materials are applied throughout the spaces: wood and white finishes.

The façade is a reinterpretation of the security wall that most Guatemala's houses have. Giving it an aesthetic look the wall is perforated to allow the façade to change during the day and at the same time give privacy and security to the family.

Casa Nea

Guatemala City, Guatemala

- m2

Febraury 2017– October 2020



Yolanda De Rueda

YDR_estudio team: Yolanda De Rueda, Kevin Rodriguez.

In collaboration with deoc_arquitectos:

Roberto De Oliveira Castro, Anya María Recinos,

Carmen Ana Pacheco, Rodrigo Flores.


Joseph Hance

002_Casa Nea

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